First blog post – wa-hoo!

I’m Rachel and I seriously love holidays.

And weirdly, since we’ve had kids, we’ve made them a priority and taken even more. I love everything about family holidays – maybe I’m looking back on my childhood ones fondly and wanting to recreate that for my own family (although we didn’t really have that many!) or maybe it’s because I like organising things, so to me, a list of things to wash, pack, iron and buy give me a nice sense of purpose…anyway, as i said, I love holidays, and luckily my husband is partial to a bit of sun too, so I thought I’d combine my love of writing, travelling and being a mum to share hints, tips and tricks to hopefully inspire more people to experience fun family times together, at home and away.

I’m new to blogging, so thankyou so much for taking the time to have a read through my ramblings. I’ve reviewed previous holidays, places we’ve been, tips for travelling with babies, toddlers and whatever annoying 5-going-on-15 year olds are called, plus stuff that I love (it’s not just holidays, I love gin too!)

I also love to hear about cool new places and adventures to take my boys on, so don’t be shy – get in touch!




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