Can we talk about…the breakfast buffet?

Since having kids we’ve found it easier to opt for all inclusive resorts for our hols in the sun. Not great for the diet, but still – no cooking or washing up for us!

I’ve found that when we go away for city breaks, or shorter periods of time, all inclusive isn’t an option – so we end up doing the sneaky taking some stuff from breakfast into our bags routine. I’ve often wondered if that’s just me, or does anyone else do this? They must do, as in recent stay in Palma the hotel had laminated cards (laminated!) asking guests to not steal food / cutlery etc – and this was a 5* hotel!

I don’t know what it is about my brain, but I feel almost like its my duty to try and sneak away a sweaty ham and cheese stale roll to eat later (usually with a packet of Jamon ruffles from The Spar!) although once during a trip to Lisbon, the stars aligned so we were in a quiet corner and our bounty included the above rolls, some sachets of nutella and jam for a dessert roll each (I’m cringing writing this down!) a kilner jar of a yoghurt smoothie type thing, plus a knife and a spoon. All wrapped in hotel napkins and stuffed into our bag to enjoy about an hour later, as it’s like once i know i have food in my bag i can’t stop thinking about it until i’ve eaten it!

So during this particular trip, I ate my ham and edam roll on the train from Lisbon to Sintra, ate the dessert roll at Cabo de Roca, the westernmost tip of mainland Portugal and continental Europe fact fans.

Friends sometime ask how we afford all these trips away….now you know people! 😉


p.s – We left the spoon and knife back in our room, so it rejoined its rightful place at the breakfast buffet the next day!


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