Marvellous Mallorca

Before we had kids we often overlooked Mallorca (sounds nicer than Majorca!) for its cooler and pricier neighbour Ibiza.

Now it is without a doubt one of our favourite family holiday destinations, and here’s 10 reasons why;

  1. Its easy. It’s so handy to be able to jump on a flight from Luton and touchdown in Palma 2 hours later. And I reckon thats the optimum time you want to be flying with kids in tow – as soon as it start getting boring for them you’re basically there.
  2. The beaches are seriously beautiful, and seem safe to me, with gentle water and sandy coves. Even in Magaluf (not that you’d be going anywhere near BCM with kids) Just saying.
  3. It’s good value. With a huge choice of hotels / resorts / villas or apartments, there’s something for every family.
  4. Transfers. Once, our transfer to Alcudia took longer than the actual flight, as we were the last stop and someone took the wrong case – cue fannying around meeting the poor sod who had picked up the wrong case for his wife. Not good with a 9 month old, so since then we join the fast-moving taxi rank and speed off to our hotel, arriving before everyone else.
  5. It’s good for kids. Yeah, it might be a bit cheesy, and a bit package holiday, but these were the best holidays I can remember having as kids, and isn’t that the point? About making fun memories.
  6. Entertainment. I love a bit of bingo, the boys love the kids disco and then to top it all off there’s usually some African gymnasts balancing on chairs, or an Abba tribute. What more could you want?!
  7. Kids clubs – yeah some don’t see the point in going away to offload their kids, but mine seem to really enjoy making new friends and I really enjoy reading my book in the sun with a bit of peace and quiet for an hour or so, not constantly worrying they might be running off / drowning etc.
  8. Spanish wine. Need I say more… Cava at breakfast anyone?!
  9. One of our favourite stays was at Protur Safari hotel in Sa Coma. It had a kids waterpark, petting zoo, huge pools and a great outside theatre for the evening entertainment. Without realising it, we’ve compared most of our subsequent family holidays to this one and really need to plan a return trip. Las Gaviotas in Muro was another family favourite, and we actually came back here with my dad and sister for a quick adults only couple of days away.
  10. It was the first place we took baby bro number one (see point 1 above for why!) and for that reason, plus all the others above means we’ll always have a soft spot for Mallorca. Ok, Majorca. Salut! Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 13.02.56

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