Delighted by Dubai

For my 30th my husband surprised me with a trip to Dubai (I know, he’s a keeper!) He gave me the present the night before my birthday, and we flew the very next day. He’s arranged the time off work for me and everything, all I had to do was pack.

For some reason, it hadn’t been on my radar before then, I think maybe we’d thought of it as a ‘stopover’ destination, rather than as one in its own right. Maybe I was also scared that I’d get banged up if I dared hold hands or something too!

Anyway, PDA’s kept to a minimum, off we went to Dubai. First of all, I love flying from Heathrow. Weird, as we live so close to Luton, but it just seems like a ‘proper’ holiday and more exciting. Paul had also booked a night flight too, so I’d had all day to get ready, and then we hit the M25 after rush hour and enjoyed dinner the airport.

We flew with Virgin Atlantic and even though it was my birthday there wasn’t an upgrade (boooo!) but the flight was pretty empty and we were lucky enough to have a row each to spread out on, meaning we could make up a bed for our then 3 year old. He loved watching a film, playing with the little goody bag they give the kids, and then slept until we arrived. (tip: Take a onesie in your hand luggage for them the change into on the flight)

Even though its only around 6 hours, your treated the same as long haul, so its a nicer flying experience than say the 4-5 hours you might get flying Thomson to Tenerife.

We arrived in Dubai at 7am the next morning, and headed straight to our hotel – the iconic Atlantis on the Palm.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 19.36.50.png

I don’t know why i’ve chose a picture of it at night, but still, looks pretty awesome!

We were blown away by Dubai…the food was amazing! Try and get free half board when booking, as if we hadn’t of had that included we would have spent so much more – its an expensive destination. It was nice to be able to pick and choose what restaurant we wanted to eat in, and then sit down and have it made to order, and enjoy the evening, rather than feeling a bit rushed in the buffet.

Enjoy every drop of that shake son….it only cost a fiver!

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 19.42.03.png

When you stay at The Atlantis you get free entry to the amazing waterpark too, which is a fun day out. I braved that huge slide…I was more scared in the queue as there were a big group of sheiks who didn’t seem to notice me and just kept pushing infront of women, but then a couple of them chickened out at the top, and maybe I would have been a bit more hesitant if i wasn’t so keen to show them that a girl could go down!


Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 19.44.27.png

That’s not all the hotel has to offer, there’s the unique aquarium, world famous dining, and a mall inside with lots of shops selling big diamonds for rich people to buy and normal people to gawp at!

On our 3rd night we noticed them setting up an event stage, and asked what was happening, only Basement Jaxx and sigma were playing that evening. We were eating dinner that night and realised Basement Jaxx were sitting in front of us, we then listened to their set, while having after dinner drinks, then pushed the buggy with the boy asleep back to our room.

That sums up Dubai in a nutshell, they do the best stuff so casually and like its no big deal. Dubai is definitely a big deal, and I’m sure we’ll be going back soon.

oh… we held hands and no one told us off. We also saw men kissing too, so it’s all good!Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 19.53.16.png

That’s Basement Jaxx eating dinner, not just 2 random guys i promise!


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