Going away with the girls…

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 20.22.37
Gotta love a bucket of booze.!Actually easier to all chip in and have your drinks all night, rather than buy rounds reck

Usually my day’s consist of either working, or keeping small people alive, so when the opportunity rolls around to go away with my mates, i’m always the first one in (who am I kidding, i’m usually the whatsapp organiser!)

While time away with friends no longer involves hitting the strip in magaluf, getting free shots, demolishing a burger king, and sleeping in the next day until lunchtime, time away now sure starts off with better intentions…

I usually feel so guilty…no, more like grateful, that i’m ‘allowed’ out i go all Mary poppins on the housework, laying out the boys outfits for the next few days, buying their fave foods on the big food shop. Once I’m all packed and my handbag is no longer full of cereal bars, fidget spinners, dummies and nappies, and i’ve left all my responsibilities at the door, me and my girls all get together and talk loudly and cheerfully, covering off a million subjects in super quick time. I’ve waitressed before, so can appreciate good service, but when i’m out with my friends I don’t want the super attentive service, just bring me cold wine, hot food and leave us to  natter away, solving each others problems thanks very much.

Luckily my friends are similar to me, so despite us saying we’ll ‘have an early night’ or ‘not go too crazy’ usually we end up having so much fun aka getting carried away that we quite merrily forget we have children / stuff to do the next day. This is where a 2 nighter in a different city is worth its weight in gold. You can really let loose, ahem, I mean recharge, knowing you don’t have to face your little angels the next day! Although, perhaps as I don’t get out so much anymore, I try too hard to have  a good time and find it hard to get that balance of being really fun and life and soul to just being a bit of a dick. Oh well, at least you get the beauty of ruminating on your embarrassingly painful flashbacks in peace!

My fave places to go away with my friends are some places i’ve been without them…bear with me here…but Lisbon. I went there with Paul, but as I was there I was scoping it out as a potential girls weekend destination, checking out wine prices and thinking who would be up for it. (It has very reasonable wine prices, and a huge selection, being as they make lots of wine fyi)

Dublin for my friends birthday was fun, Butlins Big Weekends made us giggle, luckily my bestie lived in Leeds and London, so I’ve had fun following her around too.

Berlin will also be in my top 3 forever, as it was where I had my hen do, so all of my favourite ladies came along, we had a ball, and as it was my hen do you feel a bit special and everyone is all nice to you! It was also super cool, cheap and I feel like if I went back there I would have a completely different experience, its that kind of constantly evolving, surprising city.

I still fancy an outdoorsy, cottage in the Cotswolds, walks in the day, boozy pub lunches by night kinda trip too, so if any of my friends are reading this, start a whatsapp group yeah? I’m in!

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 20.21.55
The girl on the right has all the moves hey Kel?!

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