Getting organised…

I’ve always been a big lover of lists, and even before I had kids I would often list what outfit I needed to pack, or what beauty products i needed to buy for upcoming trips. Now I’m a mum I sometimes don’t even have time for lists, and kind of just have a constant running commentary in my head if things I need to do – sometimes, just for fun, I might sit down to write it all down. Rock n roll!

Anyway, in between organising childcare for the summer holidays, sorting out breakfast club for September and a million and one other things (including my actual job!) today I thought about organising next years holidays. Luckily we’ve already got a couple in the diary, with my sister having her wedding abroad, but it made me realise that I love nothing better than filling up my calendar with well – earned breaks away.

Recently I’ve been planning our wedding anniversary, as we make a pact to go away each year for a couple of nights just the two of us (That sounds more romantic than it actually is, but basically we sightsee, sunbathe and read in each others company, just like two well old people!) The first night will usually include ordering one too many bottles of wine at dinner (probs lunch too, don’t judge!) and going a bit mad at the fact we have no kids in tow. The second day will at some point involve a lot of eating ruffles or lays on the bed, summoning up the energy to go out and ‘have fun’ and the 3rd day will have a lot of facetiming, spending a fortune on football kits for the boys and ‘has your mum put the baby in the top bunk bed’ type convos.

I used to work for a holiday company, so am already clued up that the best time to book is when the breaks first come on sale – you get the pick of the accommodation that you want, and usually at the best discount, with months to pay it off in instalments or whatever. So if you’re planning on where to go in 2018 get a head start and take a browse now. Monarch already have their summer flights on sale and there are some bargains to be had. We like for our hotels too, as you pay on arrival and they have free cancellation usually, so if you change your mind its all good.

Then you can sit back and feel all smug that you have something nice to look forward too next year / have ticked something else off of the never ending to-do list!


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