When you book flights & then the company goes bust…

As I’ve spoke about on other blogs, I’m a keeno when it comes to booking my flights as soon as they go on sale, benefiting from the lower costs & also then using that time to research and book accommodation and itinerary etc. Today that plan backfired on me, as the flights i’ve booked to Tenerife in April to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary (and believe me, after this year we REALLY needed a kid-free break!) were with Monarch, who have sadly gone into administration.

If you book a package holiday with an ABTA / ATOL operator or via a travel agent you’re usually covered, and the same if you pay for any part of your trip with a credit card, simply call your credit card company and ask for a section 75, where you get a refund.

We booked the flight only with a debit card however, so have probably the least protection you can have. Luckily there is something that most big banks do called a ‘chargeback’ where if you don’t receive the goods and services that you paid for (and they were over £100) then your bank can ask for a refund from their bank.

I don’t know the ins and outs of how all of this stuff works, so maybe google martin lewis or some money expert for all the ins and outs, but as this has happened to us today I’d thought I’d share…I’m actually writing this while on hold to my bank to try and get my refund. We’re not sure if we’ll still go to Tenerife in April now, I either have to find similar flights, or start the search again for a brand new trip – either way I’ll keep you all posted with how I get on!



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