Half term In Cornwall

Gawd, I’ve not blogged in ages and have so much to write about! I’ve started working full time again, coupled with my night-owl of a baby and there is my excuse! If you can cast your minds back to October half term, we had the opportunity to spend a few nights in Cornwall. I’d had my eye on a family – friendly hotel instead of the usual apartment or caravan that we do in the UK, and had wanted to try The Bedruthan Hotel, or The Watergate Bay hotel. If you haven’t already checked these bad boys out, you should! The have funky, spacious rooms, and loads of kids clubs and activities, so you can relax guilt free, while the little ones have lots of fun. However, The Sunday Times Travel had just featured these places in a recent spread, so we ended up at the slightly less glamorous ‘Sands Resort Hotel’ a couple of miles down the road.

From the approach, (it’s on the main road through Porth) it looks very 1960’s style, with bright orange concrete exterior, and the sign advertising rooms from £50pp wasn’t a great impression, seeing as we’d paid a lot more than that! However, once inside the facilities and the whole set up was amazing if you have a young family. For a start, it’s small – almost a boutique resort, meaning that all the staff know you on arrival. There is a baby listening service, and a kids dinner time, meaning that you can give your kids tea at 5pm, then sign them in to whatever supervised kids activity is happening, and then go and enjoy a grown up dinner for a couple of hours, before having to collect them from the kids club. 26992755_10155932299044034_2134432076719411835_n

The activities were really good, and they had set 2 hour sessions, each morning, afternoon and then evening. However, i’d got the impression that these were included in the (already pricey!) cost, so it was a bit annoying when on arrival I realised that its only over 8’s that are free, and if i wanted to put my boys into any clubs it was around a £5 per session fee. To be fair, the activities were really good, with lots of interaction from experienced staff, but it got to the stage where Miller wanted to go to every session (he made friends, we’re not bad company!) and we had to explain why he couldn’t & he felt a bit hard done by. Yeah, hard done by, the boy on ANOTHER holiday!


This place has got a wicked park area, crazy golf course, indoor and outdoor pool and a soft play area. There’s also on on-site creche with lovely, experienced staff, a Spa (that does session times at the same times as the kids club sessions – clever!) and a bar and restaurant on site. Each night after the kids tea at 5pm they’d also bring in an entertainer – e.g a magician who done a show (this was free!) in the lounge. 26904214_10155932310764034_8507449565242119339_n

So while the decor is a tiny bit dated, and the place is not as trendy as some of its glam neighbours, The Sands Resort knows what it is there to do, and does it very well. The staff have thought of everything a parent may need to enjoy some family time, and the way they’ve scheduled what they offer shows common sense, that some places simply lack.


We spent quite a bit of time in the room – and it was very spacious, and i think all have sea views (with a road inbetween though!) This was where we first started the Gina Ford routine, so I know the walls are thick!)


I know this won’t be our last visit to Cornwall, and if you’re looking a good base to explore, but want a bit more excitement than just hiring a cottage, this is an option worth exploring. As a side note, i took the boys to Jamie Oliver’s fifteen alone while Paul went to work (he has a client in Cornwall) and while the staff were great, i really didn’t find anything on the menu I liked and ending up crunching my way though what looked like dog food sprinkled with pomegranates, so it will be my last visit there – soz Jamie!



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